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  What is Natural Latex?  
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The Hevea Brasiliensis tree, which is the source of the latex, was formerly exclusive to the Amazon Rainforest.  Like maple syrup, the tree is  tapped when it is mature.where something milky and white is tapped. The USA receives the latex export and uses it to make Foam mattresses made using the eight-step Talalay method. 

NATIVE TO THE AMAZON RAINFOREST:  The first use of rubber was by the Olmecs, who centuries later passed on the knowledge of natural latex from the Hevea treein 1600 BC to the ancient Mayans, who harvested latex to make rubber balls for the ancient Mesoamerican ballgames.  Just two centuries ago, the Hevea Brasiliensis tree was exclusive to the Amazon Rainforest.  It wasn't unti the late 1800's that Hevea Brasiliensis tree seeds were brought outside Brazil to help establish commercial rubber plantations in tropical clmates around the world. 

  100% PURE TALALAY LATEX | Made in the USA  

We make, sell, deliver and guarantee AMERICA'S BEST-BUILT LATEX MATTRESSES.  We specialize in 100% PURE TALALAY LATEX.  Completely Reverisble; Quilted on Both Sides; Handles or Zippered Cover. 20-YEAR WRITTEN WARRANT.  Each of our mattress models come in your choice of (4) four different firmnesses:  Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm.






  Completely Reversible | Quilted on Both Sides  

What Does It All Mean . . . Hand Made One-At-A-Time?

We are not a big manufacturer.  We usually only make one mattress a day.  Today, most mattresses are made very inferior:  One-Sides. Quilted on One-Side Only.  The "good stuff" only on the top half.  No handles.   Our Mattresses are hand made one-at-a-time.  We believe each mattress is made with "Tender Loving Care".  We quilt both sides.  We make our mattresses completely reversible.  We have the highest quality materials from top to bottom.  We believe you should LOVE your mattress.  We take a lot of pride in what we do.

  The 8-Step Talalay Process  


The Talalay method is a complex procedure that produces very precise densities and "feel" for the output. With the exception of gellation reagents, the formulation makes use of many of the same basic ingredients as the Dunlop formulation. The end product is sold as a healthier substitute for petroleum-based foams since, as they age, petroleum-based foams release volatile organic compounds. Certain product advertisements, including those for beds, may refer to "natural" latex foams made using the Talalay technique as "organic" or "wholly natural." Nonetheless, the degree of naturalness in Talalay varies according on the manufacturing process. Styrene-butadiene rubber is one type of synthetic latex that Talalay Global uses in combination with latex derived from the Hevea tree to create the final Talalay product.

  Each Core is Rated in 9 Separate Areas  


Talalay Latex Mattress


DATE STAMPED & SERIALIZED.  Every Talalay Core is individually rated in 9 separate areas for firmness and support. The most important consideration when you get a new mattress is the correct firmness and support.  We offer our Latex Mattresses if (4) four different firmnesses:

  • Soft

  • Regular Firm

  • Extra Firm

  • Ultra Firm

  Adjustable Bed Specialists Since 1964  
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Latex Mattresses Bend Perfectly With Adjustable Beds

Electric Adjustable Beds are designed to bring you THE ULTIMATE IN COMFORT  by electrically adjusting your back and your legs to almost any position you desire - making the one-third of your life you spend in bed, more luxurious.

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A materials and processing standard for organic latex and finished latex foam is called the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS). This standard focuses on human health, safety and welfare, and the environment during the production of organic latex products in addition to the usage of organic raw materials. At least 95% of the total weight of the latex must be certified organic raw material in order for it to be labeled as GOLS certified. As a producer of organic bedes with GOLS certification,

The world's most popular processing standard for organic textiles and fibers, the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is supported by independent certification of the whole textile supply chain and includes ecological and social requirements. The standard aims to specify internationally accepted norms that guarantee the organic designation, from raw material collection through socially and environmentally responsible manufacture to labeling in order to give the final consumer a reliable sense of security.  To verify compliance with the pertinent requirements, GOTS uses a dual system that consists of residue testing and on-site audits. At Latexpedic we adhere to the stringent GOLS and GOTS requirements, keeping chain of custody documentation for every purchase of organic material, and going through routine inspections and audit reviews. 

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  • Top to Bottom Highest Quality Natural Talalay Latex Foam

  • Most Comfortable Mattress in the World!

  • Best Supporting Mattress in the World!

  • Does Not Get Hot!  (the opposite of Memory Foam)

  • Most Natural Product you can buy. 

  • We Layer the Latex to the exact firmness you wish. 

  •  Hand Made One-At-A-Time

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  • 20-YEAR WRITTEN WARRANTY:  Your mattress comes with a 20-year Written Warranty.  After the 2nd Year, it is pro-rated from the 3rd year to the 20th year.
  • THREE DIFFERENT MODELS | EACH WITH (4) FOUR DIFFERENT FIRMNESSES:  We have 3 different models:  7" Latex Mattress, 9" Latex Mattress and 11" Latex Mattress.  Each mattress comes in your choice of (4) four different firmnesses:  Soft, Regular Firm, Extra Firm and Ultra Firm.  
  • GREATEST MATTRESS IN THE WORLD!   Our Mattresses are completely reversible and quilted on both sides.  We use 100% Pure Talalay Latex through the Whole Mattress (not just the top half like most other companies).  You cannot buy a better mattress that offers more comfort and more support.
  • FACTORY DIRECT:  We Make, Sell, Deliver and Guarantee.  We don't sell to mattress and department stores.  We sell direct to the public.  We save you money:  NO MIDDLEMEN!  Please give us a call.  You will be glad you did!



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GOLS stands for Global Organic Latex Standard, which is a certification standard for organic latex products. The GOLS certification is issued by the Control Union Certifications, which is an independent third-party certification body that verifies compliance with the standard.

The GOLS ORGANIC BED orstandard specifies requirements for the production, processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trading, and distribution of organic latex products. It covers the entire supply chain, from the harvesting of raw materials to the finished product.

To be certified under the GOLS ORGANIC BED standard, products must contain at least 95% certified organic cotton and wool raw material. Additionally, the standard requires that the products be manufactured using environmentally responsible processes and that they meet strict social and environmental criteria.

GOLS ORGANIC BED certification is widely recognized in the organic latex foam industry and provides consumers with assurance that the product they are purchasing is made from organic materials and has been manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner.




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